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In the new headquarters in Montemurlo, TESMA CASHMERE houses over 1500 square meters dedicated to production flanked by administrative and commercial offices.

Ours is a circular economy based on the 4R rule: Reduction, Reuse, Recycling and Recovery. This is why at the heart of TESMA CASHMERE's business ethics is respect
for the environment.
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Circular economy

TESMA CASHMERE buys bales of used cashmere meshes from all over the world with the aim of placing them back into the production process, without the need to resort to a new dye, thus avoiding unnecessary consumption of water, use of chemicals and intensive exploitation of pastures.

After a careful selection, division by color and cleanliness, the meshes are brought back to being fiber through the use of special carding that preserve the softness and quality.
The purpose of the process is to "go back" that is to generate textile fiber again, ready to be transformed into yarn, fabric and finally into clothing.

TESMA, an icon of sustainability

We have a deep respect for our planet.
TESMA CASHMERE holds the GRS certification (GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD), promoted by Textile Exchange, for raw materials and yarn.

Textile Exchange recognizes the fundamental importance of recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model and TESMA CASHMERE is proof of this.
In addition, our supply chain is located entirely in the Textile District of Prato so it is zero km.

Global Recycled Standard

The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification is the most important for the sustainable production of garments and textile products made from recycled materials. TESMA CASHMERE holds GRS certification for both fiber and yarn.

The Global Recycled Standard is promoted by Textile Exchange, one of the most important non-profit organizations that promote responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector at an international level, this industry is in fact the second most polluting in the world.

TESMA CASHMERE adopting the perspective of eco-sustainability contributes to the protection of the environment and you too can do it, buying our products that are of quality, durable over time and above all green!

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What do we offer?

In addition to regenerating Cashmere fiber , we are Italian producers of Men's - Women's Knitwear in Regenerated Cashmere and we manage the entire production chain internally, from the raw material to the finished garment, including accessories.

We mainly deal with yarn of title 1/12000, 1/14000, 2/14000 and 2/26000, ready to be transformed into a piece of clothing or an accessory of our collection, with the possibility of complete customization according to the customer's different needs.
All items can be produced in different finesse (5, 7 and 12) and as yarn dyed, garment dyed, also offering other processes.
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Buy Less, Buy Better

TESMA CASHMERE cares about recycling to safeguard natural resources.
Our company realizes the "metamorphosis" from Cashmere, recreating from an old mesh new fiber and then new yarn, ready to come back to life for the realization of a new garment.

The final result is a regenerated garment with a zero environmental impact.
Recycling is what will allow us to save the world and you can represent change by adopting together with TESMA CASHMERE the "buy less, buy better" strategy.

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