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Our regenerated cashmere fibre

Our company has always been involved in the cashmere fibre regeneration, thanks also to the city where we are located, Prato, which has been working on the regeneration and recycling of textile raw material for more than 100 years. 

The production process consists of starting from a finished cashmere clothing article, processing it with zero impact on the environment and generating textile raw material again..

Once regenerated textile fibre is obtained fibra tessile rigenerata, it is integrated with the virgin cashmere fibre and then subjected to the spinning process in which we apply our knowledge and know-how to generate new yarn.

Part of the fibre we regenerate is destined for sale to companies, while the remaining part is oriented towards the production of new garments and accessories.

abbigliamento in cashmere da riciclare bluballe di fibra di cashmere rigenerata

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